$35 Laughing Gas With All Procedures

Are you afraid of the dentist? Do you experience fear or anxiety at the mere thought of a dental office?

You don’t have to worry anymore thanks to sedation dentistry!

Sedation dentistry could be called the “No Worries” dental plan. The sedation is administered about one hour before your procedure, and all of your dental worries are over! You will feel completely relaxed during the procedure. Sedation dentistry is completely safe and used by millions of dental patients. Peace of mind is actually a priceless commodity, which is why it is amazing that we are offering this “No Worries” laughing gas for $35 with qualifying sedation treatments! We’re confident that there is nowhere else that you can feel so good for so little!

We offer two types of sedation. Nitrous oxide (more commonly known as laughing gas) or IV (best for patients with a strong fear or phobia of the dentist). For more information on the types of sedation we offer including nitrous oxide and IV, visit our service page.

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What Others Are Saying

“After my first visit today, I will never dread going to the dentist again. From the minute I walked in the door, it was one friendly face after another… I’m looking forward to going back.”

– Kristen K., Google

“The staff at is amazing. They have made me feel completely comfortable. I am no longer afraid to go to the dentist.”

– RACHAEL D., Google