Smile Gallery

Smile Transformations


This patient had twenty eight crowns placed.

This patient had ten crowns on their upper front teeth.

This patient had four upper front crowns replaced. Crowns were also placed on both upper canine teeth to round off the smile.

Three Part Bridge
This patient had a three part bridge and five veneers placed on her upper front teeth.


This patient has veneers on his eight top and eight bottom teeth.

This patient had veneers placed on six of her upper front teeth.

Tim works in sales, and felt very self-conscious about the appearance of the gaps in his smile. We placed four porcelain veneers and performed custom tray whitening for him.

This patient had veneers placed on their upper front teeth.

Veneers are a conservative, beautiful way to ‘makeover’ one’s smile. As you can see, our patient had dark, stained, square teeth with spaces between them. Five thin (contact lens thin) ceramic veneers were permanently affixed to her front teeth. What a difference :).

Crowns and Veneers

This patient was unhappy with the health of her smile. We placed a combination of 10 crowns and veneers on her upper teeth, and gave her a healthy beautiful smile.

Dental Implants

This patient suffered severe trauma to his front teeth as a young boy. Four dental implants were placed, and four new crowns were fabricated and attached to these implants. Implants are an extremely predictable, and long-term restoration. They are quickly becoming the standard of care for replacement of missing teeth.

All Ceramic Crowns

Michelle had a history of severe staining, heavy grinding of teeth, and old bonding that was chipping.
We fabricated 10 All-Ceramic Crowns for her upper teeth. We then fabricated a nightguard for her to wear to protect her teeth from her grinding habit.

Anya had ‘bonding’ done over and over again for 10 years. She reported that it was constantly getting stained, and keeping her from smiling, as she was becoming very conscious of her discolored teeth.
We combined the use of 2 veneers, and 2 all ceramic crowns to give her a beautiful new smile.


Tim spent 30 years with ‘spaces’ in his smile. He made an appointment on a Thursday stating he was planning to attend a high school class reunion two days later, and didn’t want to go without correcting his smile.
In less that an hour, we had placed white filling material, commonly known as ‘bonding’, on two of his ‘crooked’ teeth. We also reshaped the uneven teeth in his smile with simple enameloplasty (technical for ‘filed them down slightly’).
Bonding typically lasts 3-7 years before needing replacement.

This patient had bonding on both his upper and lower front teeth.

Six Month Braces

Sasha was unhappy with his ‘discolored, crooked smile’. In a little over 6 months we straightened and whitened his smile.

Veneers and Whitening

Carly was unhappy with the color and shape of her teeth. She had completed bonding years ago, and it had begun to discolor. We placed four all ceramic veneers and whitened her remaining teeth.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Mrs. Palazzo had older crowns that had served her well for many years. She was unhappy with the ‘dark lines at the gum’ and the color of her teeth. We sedated Mrs. Palazzo and prepared all of her top teeth for new porcelain crowns.
‘I never knew how much this would improve the way I feel about myself-” were her comments at her last check-up.
Longevity: 10+ years.

Implant Retained Denture

JoAnne had severe wear on her old denture. The gum had begun to change color, the denture was very loose, and her bottom remaining teeth were severely decayed and worn.
A new upper denture was fabricated, and a new ‘over denture’ made. Two of the lower teeth were treated with root canals and ‘ball joints’ were placed to ‘lock’ the lower denture into place while in use. In addition, we placed two implants in her lower jaw to help stabilize and hold the denture.
Dentures can be some of the most beautiful of dental restorations.

Bridges, Crowns, and Precision Partials

Charles had a history of HEAVY tooth clenching, and multiple lost teeth as a youth. His bite was off, and he was having problems wearing his partial dentures.
We Completed what is known in dentistry as a ‘Full Mouth Rehab’, correcting his bite, replacing his teeth, and improving his ability to function dramatically.
This involved multiple Crowns, Multiple bridges, and a bite splint, to help him get used to a new bite.

Metal-free Partial Denture

Cheryl was unhappy with her smile. She was in the process of a rigorous ‘total health makeover’, including fitness, diet and spirit.
We fabricated a metal free, removable partial denture for her. She could not be happier with her new smile.

Crowns, Root Canals, Gum Surgery

Russell had severe decay from a sugary soda habit. He found himself withdrawn from social situations.
We performed crowns root canals and gum surgery and had him back to smiling in no time.

Crowns, Implants

Eleanor had a history of severe grinding at night, accompanied by multiple missing back teeth.
Five dental implants were placed, and thirteen crowns were placed to restore her lower teeth. We performed gum surgery to correct the irregular height of her gums. A nightguard was fabricated to protect her investment.

Gum Surgery/Crowns

Mary had knocked her front tooth in a swimming accident as a child. Her dentist was able to save the tooth, but it beame a cosmetic problem later on in life. In addition she had developed an infection in the tooth that had been damaged and was suffering from severe pain.
We were able to raise her gum tissue through cosmetic gum surgery, retreat a root canal, place a post and bond 4 all porcelain restorations to her front teeth to correct the asymmetry in her smile.

Partial Dentures

Leticia had a 15 year old partial denture that was poorly fitting, and losing its natural appearance. By simply fabricating a new partial, we were able to quickly and effectively restore her smile.

Mrs. Baer was missing four front teeth. We replaced them quickly with a removable partial denture. These function well for those patients who don’t mind taking their teeth out to clean them and to sleep at night.